Unleash the business value of software

We translate the effort of building software solutions into benefit for your business.

We love the Web

Web is ubiquitous, flexible and ever-evolving. We love to evangelize the Web for your needs.

Web Presence

Market your business, express yourself, impress others.

We use our expertise and experience to amalgamate the strategy, the design and the content into a beautiful and effective site.


Broaden your reach across the globe, drive your growth.

Selling online has been one of the biggest impacts of the Web. We bring that same impact to your business by setting up your online store, integrating with payment gateways and helping you manage your customers.


Engage with your customers, employees or your vendors.

With its always-on feature, Web can really boost efficiency of your business through these intranets and extranets. Portals with member-only access helps in keeping your business information secure and access monitored.


Solve your niche and unique problems with Web.

We have often found ourselves writing customized Web servers, or Web-API servers to address unique requirements. We are well-equipped to go off-road and help you reach your destination.

Standards and Best Practices

We take pride in broadcasting our affinity for standards and best-practices.

Every Web site we develop works effectively on all devices—smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

We ensure that all the sites we create adhere to the security recommendations and best-practices.

We use the latest technologies and make sure that they degrade gracefully in older environments.

We extend the customized servers to deliver more complex software solutions with higher performance and scalability requirements.

Customized Server-side Solutions

More complex problems demand specialized solutions.

We can help you if you are facing unique, complex problems with your system. We employ various server-side environments to build a solution that does not burn a hole in your pocket. We have created servers for data and processing of mobile apps, centralized incremental backup, network inventory and logging amongst many others. We incorporate certain architectural patterns to build the scalability right in the architecture, like REST architectural pattern for Web-API servers, asynchronous communication, and protocol-based messaging. Here are some examples of solutions we have delivered.

Web-API Services

We have built dedicated Web-API servers that serve mobile apps, client-side JavaScript frameworks and third-party services. Many a times they are components of a microservices architecture, accompanied with various other small dedicated servers.

Background Services

A lot of heavy-lifting, data-processing and peripheral activities like backup can happen in the background, without disturbing the work environment. We use a combination of server-side programming and Unix tools to keep these services efficient in the background.

Task Servers

One element of an asynchronous communication-based architecture is using priority task queues to schedule tasks. Task servers listen to these task queues and perform the tasks across multiple workers. In the past we have worked with Celery and beanstalkd to implement task servers.

About Us

We strongly believe in using the right tool for the right job. We back ourselves up by mastering multiple languages, environments and technologies.

Invest in Software

We aim to help businesses identify the ROI of using a software before any development starts.

Our approach is based on the fact that software can benefit a business if it either minimizes constraints or completely eliminates them.

The Open Source Way

We are open source advocates. We run our development and business processes using open source tools.

We adopt the open source philosophy in our delivery to the client to pass on the open source benefits.

Students for Life!

We learned early that we have to keep learning and keep evolving if we want to achieve our goals.

We are currently deep into learning Elixir, a language in the Erlang environment; and following up with ES7.

We use a lot of open source tools in our every day workflow.

If any of this appeals to you, feel free to drop a line to us.

We are actively hiring. We are polyglots and admire programmers who are ready to learn more than one programming language. Connect with us if you see any like-mindedness.

Contact Us

We are only as far as your phone is.

Call Abhijit Nadgouda at +91 98198 20312 or drop us a line at abhijit@ifaceconsulting.com.

We have our presence in the cities of Mumbai and Pune in India. If you are close by, we can meet over the good old coffee cup instead of the Internet!


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